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What Does Knife Sharpening Cost? Part 1

What does it cost to have a knife sharpened?

Well, it depends…

The basic cost to sharpen a knife with a blade under six-inches long is $7.00. This cost includes cleaning the knife blade of normal tarnish. The handle is also cleaned and, in the case of knives with wooden handles, the wood is lightly sanded and then reconditioned with mineral oil. The sharpened knife blade is wiped down and the clean knife is wrapped in paper for safety.

After sharpening, your knife will be as sharp as the day it was purchased – usually sharper! You can effortlessly slice paper, meat, and vegetables. In addition, the clean sharp knife will be easy to maintain with just a few strokes on a hone after usage.

professional knife sharpening

Large knives with blades over six-inches and cleavers cost $9.00 to sharpen. These prices include knives with partial or full serrations, including electric knife blades.

Now there are some exceptions to these prices. Here are some examples:

1. Knives that that have broken tips, deep nicks and dents or have flat edges require extra time and expertise and will be charged an additional $3.00 each.

2. If your knife has been sharpened many times, sharpened incorrectly, or has a blunt profile from the factory it may require re-profiling. This means additional metal must be removed from the blade before the cutting edge can be sharpened. Re-beveling of the blade angles will be charged an additional $3.00 to $6.00, depending on the angle and length of the blade.

professional knife sharpening

3. Knife sharpening prices INCLUDE cleaning the blade. However, heavily tarnished and rusty blades will be charged AT LEAST an additional $3.00 each.

4. ​Knife sharpening prices INCLUDE cleaning the handle. However, badly damaged or loose wooden handles will be repaired, sanded and re-oiled at an additional charge of $3.00 each.

5. ​Machetes and swords are NOT knives! These long blades will cost more to sharpen. Each is a different case depending on the length, condition of the edge, and the type of steel used. Some rare collectible swords may be too valuable to touch, risking lowering their value!

6. Axes and hatchets usually cost $9.00 to sharpen and nicks and flat spots are assumed.

7. Pruners and lopers usually cost $6.00 to sharpen the one cutting edge. These outdoor tool sharpening prices include cleaning and oiling the tool. But excessive rust and pitch will be charged and additional $3.00 each.

8. Straight scissors usually cost $6.00 to sharpen. Very large upholstery shears and pinking shears cost $9.00. Randy does not sharpen convex barber scissors.

9. Randy does not sharpen drill bits, router bits, lawn mower blades or other power tool blades including saws. (I will sell you an inexpensive carbide sharpener for $5.00, though.)

10. Randy DOES sharpen wood chisels and hand plane blades. Chisels cost $6.00 to sharpen. Plane blades cost $9.00 to sharpen.

professional knife sharpening

In every case, YOUR satisfaction is guaranteed. Randy will insist that you inspect the blade after sharpening BEFORE you pay! He will not stop until you are satisfied. The sharpening cost also includes tips and instruction on how to maintain the sharp edge as long as possible. With care, your knife may not need to be re-sharpened for a year.

Next, we will discuss the actual sharpening process Randy uses to restore the edge to your knives.

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