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The DoorStep – A Solution to Reaching the Rack on your Truck or Van

Spend $8.00 and gain secure, stable access to the top of your vehicle.

I was recently introduced to the DoorStep, an ingenious device that allows you to gain secure access to the roof of your truck, SUV, or van. Instead of climbing on the back seats or balancing on a back tire, the DoorStep simply and effortlessly attaches to the rear door latch loop. (This is a VERY strong attachment point, securely bolted into the structure of your vehicle.)

The DoorStep unfolds and rests against the door frame of the vehicle on a rubberized padded bumper. The DoorStep has been tested to over 430 KG (that is, about 950 pounds!) It is constructed of rust-free aluminum and weighs less than half a pound. What you gain is stable step that works equally well on either side of your vehicle.

When not needed, the DoorStep folds and stores in a cloth bag, then fits conveniently in a storage pocket or under the seat. I will never remove the DoorStep from my truck. It will be accessible in a few seconds every time I haul lumber, or my canoe or kayak.

If all these benefits weren’t enough, the DoorStep is ALSO very affordable. The Retail price is ONLY $19.99 – which is a BARGAIN! But DoorStep has offered my followers a 60% DISCOUNT!!! That is a discount of $11.99, making the NET cost ONLY $8.00 – including shipping!!! Just use the special discount code: CARDOORSTEP60 at checkout.

As I mentioned in the video – this is a No BRAINER. Order 1, 2, or 3 TODAY and keep at least one in each of your vehicles. You can choose between Red, Black, or Yellow. (Note: The DoorStep may NOT fit the center latch of the sliding door of your minivan. My Grand Caravan has a larger, round loop. It will likely fit the front door latch, however.)

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