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Does GoneCamper SHIP Minivan Campers?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Can I have my new GoneCamper shipped to my address?

At GoneCamper, we love helping minivan owners outfit their minivans for travel and adventures. To date, we have welcomed new minivan campers from across the country: Arizona, Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington, Illinois, Texas, and more. Minivan campers LIKE to travel so driving to our shop isn't a hardship. It is always great to meet the new owners, fine tune the installation, instruct them on the usage of their GoneCamper for their van, and offer some camping ideas and tips.

But travel to Wisconsin is simply not an option for everyone. So we also offer shipping of the GoneCamper package.

A happy coincidence is that the compact GoneCamper that folds and stacks for storage ALSO packs securely on a shipping pallet!

What this means is that I can ship the GoneCamper fairly economically if traveling for pick-up and installation won't work for you. Installation at your end is easy - everything just slips into your minivan. There is nothing to bolt in place or modify on your van.

So - IF you have been holding off outfitting your minivan (or full-size van, cargo trailer or teardrop camper) for fun-filled adventures, let me give you a shipping quote. It typically costs about $400 - although the price can be lower or higher depending on your location.

Contact GoneCamper to order your camping package. Then join us on the road!

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