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About GoneCamper

GoneCamper is the inspiration of Randy Reek. Randy has been camping for over 50 years and wanted a comfortable and efficient camper for traveling. When he couldn't find a well-designed and professionally built camper he built his own!

PLEASE NOTE that after DOZENS of camper conversions, Randy has now retired from building the GoneCamper. To be honest, the price of lumber has increased dramatically while the quality has plummeted. Shipping costs are ridiculous.

GoneCamper is a self-contained package that fits inside a standard minivan. The conversion package includes a rear galley kitchen and a full size bed. The kitchen features a 12-volt cooler and a two burner stove. There is plenty of storage for utensils, cooking gear and staples.

The full-size bed converts to a couch. The bed stores behind the second row of seats so the van can accommodate 2, 3, or 4 passengers WITHOUT removing the camping package!

The GoneCamper package is specifically designed to fit the Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country minivans with Stow-N-Go seating. NO modifications to the van are necessary and the GoneCamper package can be removed in minutes.


The package will also fit any standard minivan with a 4-foot x 8-foot cargo area, although some seats will need to be completely removed on other brands.

After many satisfied campers started raving about the GoneCamper in their minivans, others wanted a version for full-size vans. So Randy designed the GoneCamper bed for vans including the Chevy/GMC Express, Ram Promaster, Ford Transit, and Mercedes Sprinter. Like the minivan bed, this full-size mattress does not waste space during the day, but converts to a comfy couch! It works equally well in cargo trailer campers, too!

If you want Randy to create a CUSTOM DESIGN for your van or trailer, please contact him through


Please also note that all new content will be published on Randy's new blog:

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