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DOUBLE the Floor Space in Your

Minivan Camper (or SUV!)


The "TailVeil" - Perfect for your GoneCamper minivan!


Enjoy more of the great outdoors in your GoneCamper minivan!


We have crisscrossed the country many times in the GoneCamper Grand Caravan. Many of these trips have been marathon driving trips, including to Alaska from Arizona, and back. But other trips have been relaxed camping trips to the desert, mountains, seashore and Northwoods.


We love the convenience and economy of the GoneCamper minivan for road trips. It is both comfortable and economical for trips that have spanned up to 10,000 miles. However, many people refuse to consider a minivan for a camping option, especially if they want to park in a chosen location for a few days, or maybe a week or more.


The economy of the minivan is offset by the small floor plan for fixed base camping. Some campers willingly surrender more interior space for the low cost of ownership and operation of a minivan. Others want more room to relax, cook meals – and maybe set-up a shower or porta pottie.


For years we have carried a lightweight nylon tarp to rig as a rain fly or shower shelter. Honestly, it was an added hassle. But NOW we have a better option: the TailVeil.


The GoneCamper Grand Caravan PLUS the fully-enclosed "TailVeil"


The TailVeil is the perfect accessory for your minivan camper! It is a lightweight and durable screen tent that covers the rear hatch of your minivan. This ingenious tent provides outdoor space that is bug-free. With the rain fly you gain total protection from wind, blowing sand, and rain – plus total enclosed privacy.


Like most ingenious designs, the TailVeil is both simple and effective. The upper nylon “roof” simply drapes over the raised lift gate of your minivan. The “apron” wraps around the rear bumper and encloses the sides. NO poles are required! Two elastic bungees are designed to help cinch the apron tight around the minivan body to eliminate access to bugs and crawling critters.


The TailVeil is lightweight and compact. Keep it in your GoneCamper always!

The TailVeil weighs only 5-pounds and stores in the included stuff sack. One person can easily drape the TailVeil over the rear hatch, although a few magnets help hold the slippery nylon on the metal sides and roof. After you have the TailVeil in place, you finish the assembly by adding a few stakes at the front and back – also included. (Some users skip the stakes and just use medium size rocks.) The floor is heavy-duty plastic and measures about 6.5-feet wide by 6-feet deep.


In less than THREE minutes you have a bug-proof enclosure over your rear lift gate. You can cook, relax, or sleep in comfort. Three-way zippered entries are sewn into the screens on both sides for easy access. There is plenty of room for two folding chairs and a small table.


The TailVeil is a PERFECT fit for the GoneCamper Grand Caravan! The upper roof drapes over the curved lift gate. The screen tent height is perfect, and the netting extends downward and back providing a roomy “patio”. The rear kitchen in the GoneCamper is right there, with everything accessible within arm’s reach.


If we are boondocking and don’t have neighbors, the TailVeil screen tent combined with the open hatch is airy and almost like sleeping under the stars. But in campgrounds or if rain is a possibility, we add the full rain fly. This coated nylon enclosure installs over the mesh TailVeil and extends all the way to the ground. No rain can blow in and no one can see in.


TailVeil: added space, total protection, total privacy

With the TailVeil, you have added over 36-square feet of usable space to your GoneCamper minivan! Normally, we enter GoneCamper from the side doors of the minivan, but you can now climb in and out of bed through the huge rear hatch - if you have the GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed (that is, without a rear kitchen blocking the hatch.) Now you have a “bonus room” that is tall and spacious for dressing, cooking, eating, relaxing, playing cards, and more. The TailVeil can serve double and triple duty as an enclosure for your portable toilet and/or camp shower.


The TailVeil installs and removes so easily and quickly that we would use it just for a picnic lunch if annoyed by a pesky bug hatch. Likewise, I can think of many other non-camping applications like watching kids play soccer, tailgating, fishing at the lakeshore, enjoying an outdoor concert, etc. The TailVeil provides a quick shady enclosure for a baby’s play pen or pets. It stores so compactly that the TailVeil can stay in the minivan all the time!


The TailVeil will fit SUV's and hatchbacks. too!

The TailVeil provides the added space and protection from the elements and bugs which makes minivan camping EVEN BETTER! But the TailVeil isn’t ONLY for minivans. ANY vehicle with a rear left gate can use the TailVeil, including SUV’s and hatchback sedans. (Just note that these vehicles may have lower height and some “slack” will need to be taken up with the side and bottom bungees.)


The TailVeil has changed the way we camp in the GoneCamper minivan. We will never leave home without it! We want you to enjoy the benefits, too. So GoneCamper has teamed up with TailVeil to offer a special package. Order the TailVeil from GoneCamper (through our PayPal store) and we will ship one to you for ONLY $199.95 plus $19.00 UPS in the U.S.!


Tail Veil by GoneCamper:


Lightweight, portable outdoor protection

Uses limited only by your imagination

Fast and easy to setup

No poles to carry or erect

Lightweight – Only 5lbs.

Large 3-way zipper openings on both sides

Adjusts to fit many vehicles with an upward-lifting tailgate

Does not interfere with operation of side sliding side doors

Small enough to keep in the vehicle so it is always handy

Comes with tent stakes and carry case

GoneCamper Exclusive: heavy-duty stakes and magnets for the vehicle sides and roof

Here is a video on the GoneCamper TailVeil in action:

I know the TailVeil will make your camping trips more enjoyable. Order your TailVeil today – just send an email to I will send you a PayPal invoice - then join us on the road!


Traveling Efficiently, Camping Comfortably, Living Frugally

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