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GoneCamper Beds for Teardrop Campers and Cargo Camper Conversions

Does GoneCamper build a bed that will fit my cargo trailer conversion, teardrop camper, or “squareback” camper trailer?


The original GoneCamper bed for minivans is designed to fold and store behind the middle seats. This design allows the GoneCamper to “live” in the minivan between camping trips. The limited space necessitated detachable front legs and a removable front platform to create a full-size bed. In other words, the minivan bed consists of a rear section, three detachable legs and a front platform.

A cargo trailer or teardrop camper has similar dimensions to a minivan. But cargo trailers and teardrop campers do not have the limitations of a row of seats. Trailer campers still need storage under the bed. Simply flopping a mattress on the floor creates the problem of storing your clothes and camping gear. Trailer campers also need a comfortable place to sit. Folding the mattress into a couch is uncomfortable if you are sitting on the floor.

NOW – GoneCamper offers a modified bed design that is better suited for camper trailers. This new GoneCamper bed variation still retracts to form a couch using the tri-fold mattress. The couch is raised to a standard sitting height for maximum comfort. The bed and couch are raised 10-inches to provide tons of storage space for clothes, camping gear, folding chairs, and more.

This GoneCamper bed design consists of only TWO parts: a front section and rear section. The front section is one piece with the bed platform and legs joined together.

To make the NEW GoneCamper bed, you simply connect the front bed section to the rear section. It is ONE step instead of three steps for the minivan bed. Instead of 2 minutes, it takes 30 seconds.

To convert the bed into a couch, fold back the mattress and slide the front bed section underneath – that is, on top of the rear platform. Or you can disconnect the front bed section and stand it on a side wall.

GoneCamper will continue to offer the original folding bed for minivan campers. But for trailer campers, this new design is faster to assemble into a bed and convert into a couch – and back and forth every day!

Trailers sometimes have more width than minivans. The GoneCamper full-size bed for trailers can be sized either 48-inches or 52-inches wide. Single width beds are also available in 28-inch or 31-inch widths. The standard length is 6-feet 2-inches. However, over the years, many smaller campers have ordered shorter beds. If you don’t need a bed that long, just specify your preferred length. A shorter bed means more open floor space and a lighter front section for ease of assembly.

When you are ready to order your GoneCamper bed, consider the following options:

1. Do you want a full-size (48-inch or 52-inch) or single (28-inch or 31-inch) wide bed?

2. The standard height bed/couch has 10-inch legs for storage underneath. This provides a seating height of about 18-inches, or standard couch height. Is this acceptable, or do you need more or less height?

Like the custom van beds from GoneCamper, you can also choose some creative ideas for the fixed rear section of the trailer bed:

• The top platform could be cut to provide “access hatches” to the storage underneath.

• A lock box (or wall safe) could be recessed into the bed platform to provide a hidden and secure place for valuables under the mattress/couch.

The new GoneCamper bed design for trailers will sell for the same price as the original beds for minivans. Simply specify your desired features and dimensions. Contact GoneCamper to discuss your needs and order your new folding bed and couch for your camping trailer. Then join us on the road!

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GoneCamper bed for trailers

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