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GoneCamper 60/40 Split Bed for Minivan Campers

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

You can have BOTH a single AND full-size bed in your minivan camper!

GoneCamper has been building beds for minivan campers for several years. Our folding beds store behind the second row of seats when not in use. Two sizes are commonly ordered: a 48-inch wide full-size bed or a 28-inch wide single bed.

But now GoneCamper introduces the "60/40" Split Bed. This bed is BOTH a full and single bed - your choice!

The rear section of the bed is a fixed platform about 35-inches deep. To make the single bed (typically on the passenger side of the minivan) simply connect the front legs. Then drop the left-side front section of the platform bed in place. The hinged front platform has a series of cleats and reinforcements that interlock with the front legs for total stability.

Because the single bed does not extend past the center console and does not interfere with the driver's seat, the bed does NOT need to be folded or retracted for driving. You can leave the single bed extended with the mattress in place along with your bedding ALL the time.

When you need a full-size bed for two people, add the third front leg of the bed, then the right-side front platform.

A snap latch that connects the two front platform sections.

Now you have a full-size bed when you need it - or converted back into a single bed when you don't.

Like all GoneCamper beds, the "60/40" Split Bed uses a tri-fold mattress. Actually - TWO tri-fold mattresses. Each foam mattress is 25-inches wide. Between the mattress and bed frame, the single bed is about 28-inches wide. (If you prefer - for an added cost -you can order ONe single mattress and a full-size mattress.)

Even though the full-size bed frame is only 48-inches wide, there is just enough room to squeeze the two x 25-inch mattresses between the wheel wells of your minivan. The foam compresses just enough to insure the mattresses stay exactly in place and you don't feel the seam between the two mattresses.

The standard "60/40" Split Bed is 74-inches long. GoneCamper beds can be ordered in ANY length from 75-inches to 65-inches. The standard height is eight-inches under the bed. Taller or shorter bed legs can also be specified when you order.

In addition, the tri-fold mattress allows you to fold it back into a couch (full-size) or chair (single.) This is a huge benefit on rainy days, or when you want to eat lunch or work from your minivan. You do not need to permanently take up the floor space with a fixed bed. If you leave the single bed extended on the passenger side, you can still fold the second mattress back into a chair on the driver's side. You don't need to remove the front legs of the bed to use the couch or chair - it's up to you.

The Split Bed can be built to pair with the GoneCamper rear kitchen OR can be ordered without a rear kitchen. Without the rear kitchen, the bed extends from the rear hatch - please specify when ordering since the intended position affects the lengths of the NINE sets legs. In either case, between camping trips, the GoneCamper "60/40" Split Bed will store behind the second row of seats.

Here is a video of the assembly of the GoneCamper "60/40" Split Bed:

The GoneCamper "60/40" Split Bed is the most compact, most versatile, and most comfortable minivan bed! The bed frame is raised 8-inches for loads of storage underneath. You can also custom-order other heights - but each inch of added storage under the bed decreases the amount of headroom when lying in the bed or sitting on the couch..

Contact GoneCamper to order YOUR minivan bed! Then join us on the road!

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