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GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed for Minivans

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Introducing: The GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed: Minivan Bed and Couch.

You asked. GoneCamper delivers a bed that does NOT need to be set-up for camping or folded for driving!


The original GoneCamper folding bed and rear kitchen makes it possible to fit a camping conversion into a minivan. Many, many campers have chosen the GoneCamper conversion to outfit their minivans for travel and adventure. Upon reaching the campsite, the driver and passenger seats are slid forward, then the bed is extended, and the tri-fold mattress is unfolded. This process takes about three minutes.

However, some travelers asked for a comfortable bed that required no set-up. They wanted a bed that stayed open while driving. They wanted a bed that did not need to be folded to drive away in the morning.

Although GoneCamper continues to outfit minivans with the original folding bed and rear kitchen, we NOW offer a new bed option: the GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed.

This new design extends from the rear hatch forward 6-feet, 2-inches (although longer and shorter custom lengths are available.) There is plenty of room in front of the bed for luggage, a cooler, or a dog bed. There is plenty of storage room under the platform for clothes and camping supplies.

This new GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed is designed for the mobile traveler. This minivan traveler wants and needs a bed that is always made. They want to pull off the road and go to bed – instantly. No unfolding. No attaching legs. No adjustments of the front seats. You asked, GoneCamper delivered.

The GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed has three sets of legs, each a different length to provide a flat sleeping surface. You can choose from the 48-inch wide full-size bed or the 28-inch wide single bed. Both size beds have a top platform that is hinged to fold back into a couch or chair. Both size beds also have removable front legs that allow the entire frame, platform, and mattress to fold for storage behind the second row of seats.

While the GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed does not need to be folded for driving, many minivan owners need to use all the seats between camping trips. Therefore, you have BOTH options: store the platform bed and mattress in the minivan between trips but leave the platform bed fully extended and made up while driving and camping.

Here is a video from a recent camping trip that shows the new GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed in the Grand Caravan. This bed will fit ALL minivan brands.

Who is the GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed designed for? Anyone who doesn’t want to make the bed each night or store the bed each morning before driving away. Are you on a cross-country road trip? Do you want the ability to pull off the highway and crawl into bed in minutes, even without leaving the minivan? Is stealth very important where you camp? Are you most interested in a comfortable bed that travels with you, and less interested in a base camp or elaborate campsite cooking? Do want the minivan to be a safe, comfortable “bedroom” and prefer to use a screen tent for campsite lounging? Then the GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed may be what you have been waiting for!

We have designed this platform bed for the 6-inch tri-fold mattress since you will be folding it less, if at all. You will travel with a bed and mattress that will rival your bed at home. Your own mattress, bedding, and secure minivan will provide a more restful night than any sketchy motel. One week on the road will MORE than pay for your own GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed. After that, EVERY night on the road is FREE!!!

Contact GoneCamper to order your new Platform Bed. Beds can be built to any dimensions, in full or single widths. Beds can also be built with extended back legs that allow you to completely remove the third-row seats for MAXIMUM storage of camping or sporting gear. The GoneCamper bed truly defines our motto:

Traveling Efficiently, Camping Comfortably, Living Frugally

Please note: the GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed is adaptable to ANY van, trailer, or truck with a floor space of at least 4-feet by 7-feet. That means you no longer need to sleep on the floor of a cargo trailer, pickup bed or teardrop camper. You can have a raised bed and storage underneath. You can have a comfortable full-size bed at night and more floor space and a couch during the day.


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