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GoneCamper Beds for Vans: MANY Options Available

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

What is your style of travel? What are your camping goals? Select the van bed that matches.

Over the past few years, GoneCamper has designed, built, and many varieties of beds for camping vans.

The first - and still most versatile and popular - is the retractable bed. This design produces a bed that stores completely behind the second row of seats in a minivan. The rear, fixed section of the bed does not interfere with the passenger compartment. You have a four-passenger van during the week, and a camping van for the weekends.

Here is a video that shows how quickly you can open and collapse the full-size bed. Note that since this video was made, the front platform sections are now supplied as a hinged unit to make the process even easier!

This is the best camping bed option if you 1) need to use the middle seats for passengers between camping trips, and 2) prefer to leave the GoneCamper conversion in your van rather than installing only when a trip is planned.

A variation of this same GoneCamper design is also available for solo travelers. Instead of the 48-inch wide bed, the single bed is built to only 28-inches. With the mattress you have a 30-inch bed - meaning you have an open area that is 18-inches wide by over 6-feet long alongside.

The single bed extends and retracts the same as the full-size bed. You can have a full-length bed AND a comfortable chair inside your minivan. However, unlike the full-size bed, the single bed does NOT need to be folded to drive. The bed is the width of the front passenger seat and center console. You can leave the passenger seat forward while adjusting the driver seat. Here is another video of the single GoneCamper bed:

You can combine the GoneCamper single bed with the standard rear kitchen galley - or just use the bed alone. Without the rear galley, you can position the bed against the rear hatch. There are lots of options! You could use a side table and shelves for your kitchen in the minivan. (Like all the GoneCamper designs, special orders are welcome!)

Do you often travel alone, BUT want the option of a double bed? GoneCamper also offers a "60/40" bed option. You would have a 28-inch single bed, plus the ability to add a third leg and side platform to make the full-size bed. Yes! You can have it both ways! If you can imagine it, I can build it.

The standard length of the full-size or single retractable beds is 74-inches (6'2".) Since each bed is built to order, you can customize this length. Many smaller, solo female travelers and shorter couples have opted to have their bed built to less than 74-inches to gain floor space. Just specify your ideal bed length when placing your order and the bed and mattress will be sized to fit!

GoneCamper has built two other bed designs - initially for wider and longer full-size vans. But these folding beds can also be scaled to fit the 48-inch width of minivans.

Option One is the freestanding bed with a rear storage "headboard". Using this headboard, you do not need the support of the rear galley kitchen when the bed is converted to a couch. If you opt to only have a bed in your van - and do not need the rear kitchen galley - then this design may be a great choice. Like the other beds, this folding bed with headboard can be constructed in either a 48-inch wide full-size version or 28-inch wide single version for minivans.

Option Two is a folding bed that uses a hinged top platform. Instead of the front bed platform built as a removable piece, the bed platform is series of hinged sections. You do not need to install a loose front section to make the bed, but just fold the hinged platform into place. When folded, the bed platform forms the couch base and backrest.

This video helps explain the opening and closing of this folding bed:

This same style bed is also available for minivans - without the rear kitchen galley. The GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed extends from the rear hatch forward 74-inches. This leaves space in front of the bed for a cooler or refrigerator, plus luggage. There is also massive storage under the bed platform.

Like the original GoneCamper folding bed, this full-length bed can be folded and stored behind the second row of seats in between camping trips.

However, unlike the original GoneCamper retractable bed, this platform bed can be left extended while driving. The platform bed does not need to be extended upon arriving at your campsite. Likewise, the next morning, the platform bed does not need to be retracted before driving away.

This video explains how the GoneCamper 2.0 Platform Bed may be the best choice for your minivan if you prefer not to make and store the bed daily:

The choice is yours:

A. If you frequently need to use the center seats in your minivan - choose the original retractable GoneCamper bed.

B. If you never use the center seats, or if you do not want the rear kitchen, the folding platform designs may be the right choice. Long term "van dwellers" may prefer these options.

C. Either design can be custom made for length and width.

D. Choose from the full-size bed, single bed, or "60/40" split bed.

Contact GoneCamper to discuss your ideas. Not only can the design, length, and height be customized for you but the mattress size and thickness will be sized to match.

Select the bed and kitchen combinations that will make your traveling and camping enjoyable. Then join us on the road!

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