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GoneCamper Folding Bed and Couch for Trailers

Can GoneCamper outfit my trailer with the same folding bed and couch?

The GoneCamper folding bed and rear kitchen galley were originally designed for minivans. Minivans have a four-foot by eight-foot “cargo” area (with the 2nd and 3rd row seats stowed or removed.) This lay out allows for passenger use as well hauling the occasional plywood panel back to the home work shop.

The GoneCamper minivan camping conversion was designed for maximum utility of this four by eight cavity. Under the rear hatch you have a four-foot wide kitchen for utensils, groceries, cooler, water, and camp stove. In the middle of the van you have enough room for a full-size foam mattress on a raised platform.

GoneCamper minivan camper

As noted elsewhere at, there are many advantages to camping in a minivan, including:

  • Minivans are very economical, reliable, and comfortable for long-distance travel.

  • Minivans are nimble and can fit in smaller places than larger truck campers or another tow vehicle plus a trailer. In fact, minivans allow you to camp in “tent” campsites.

  • Minivans are inexpensive to buy and to own. There are many choices in new models, and literally thousands of used minivans to choose from.

  • Minivans provide the same usable “footprint” as expensive tear drop campers. You have two side doors for easy access, plus a kitchen under the rear hatch. But instead of spending $10,000 or more on a tear drop, you can outfit a minivan with a GoneCamper conversion for only $1,595.00!!!

GoneCamper minivan camper

The GoneCamper Dodge Grand Caravan has crossed the country many times, has boondocked off the grid, and completed a 10,000-mile month-long road trip to Alaska and back!

GoneCamper minivan camper

As noted, the same four-foot by eight-foot floor plan is also shared with micro campers and tear drop campers. So, it isn’t surprising that GoneCamper receives inquiries about fitting the folding bed/couch and the rear kitchen galley in small trailers. These trailer options also include off-road “overland” trailers and cargo trailers.

Of course, the GoneCamper package will fit any four-foot by eight-foot space – including cargo trailers and mini-camper trailers.

GoneCamper mini trailer camper

Runaway Range Runner mini camper

GoneCamper mini trailer camper

WeeRoll Nomad open five-foot by eight-foot trailer

But why insert the GoneCamper folding bed and retractable couch into an empty trailer? Can’t you just flop a mattress on the floor? Here are the advantages of using the unique GoneCamper folding bed and couch in your mini trailer camper:

  1. You get a bed AND a couch. The folding, retractable GoneCamper bed converts to a couch and the tri-fold mattress becomes the seat cushion and back rest. With the bed converted to a couch, you have natural seating position. Two people can sit comfortably.

  2. You gain 50% open floor space. Like in a minivan, tiny trailers have a very limited floor space. If you want to use this space for more than sleeping, you only have two choices: sit on the floor on the mattress or fold the mattress somehow. Obviously, if you want to cook, work on your lap top, or do other chores it is much more comfortable to have a raised seat and open floor space. With the bed retracted, you have floor space for a small table for working or eating.

  3. You gain storage space. The GoneCamper bed frame for minivans is raised eight-inches. The fixed rear portion of the bed/couch is fixed so you can store seldom used items underneath. Storage totes slide under the front section of the bed so you can also store frequently used things like clothes and groceries. This raised bed frame is also the perfect height for low trailers that are only four or five feet tall. With taller trailers, the bed height can be raised even more.

  4. You have a warmer, more comfortable bed. The raised bed platform gets you off the cold floor. You also eliminate condensation that can form between the mattress and the cold floor.

GoneCamper mini trailer camper

GoneCamper folding bed and couch with tri-fold mattress

The standard GoneCamper bed for minivans is 48-inches wide. We customize the folding foam mattress to these dimensions. But GoneCamper also builds a single bed that is 28-inches wide. In a minivan – and in a small trailer – this would allow for open floor space along the opposite side. Single campers use this space for dog beds, shelves for food and clothes, and even bicycles. With a single bed, you have a retractable chair, but you can also sit sideways and enjoy the open floor space. Ask us also about shortening the bed length if you don’t need the full 74-inch length.

GoneCamper mini trailer camper

GoneCamper single bed for minivans AND trailers

The GoneCamper bed is a great choice for small trailers. Depending on the location of any side doors, you can place the bed to retract to the front or rear of the trailer. Just like in a minivan, nothing is permanently installed so you can remove it if necessary, in minutes. (If you would like to secure the bed to the floor, GoneCamper can supply quick-release mounting brackets.)

Please note that most four-foot wide mini campers are narrower on the INSIDE. Four feet is the outside dimension, so the inside width is likely 46.5-inches. When you order your GoneCamper bed, we will need this exact interior dimension – and then we will build your custom bed 1/2-inch narrower for ease of installation and operation.

WeeRoll Off-road mini-camper trailers

On the contrary, if you have a trailer that is five or six-feet wide, GoneCamper can build the same folding bed to fit. This full or even queen-size bed would have the same features but would be comparable to the retractable beds we build for full-size vans. In addition, with wider trailers you often have more headroom so we can also raise the bed frame higher without sacrificing head room and supply a six-inch thick mattress versus the standard four-inch tri-fold mattress used in minivans.

GoneCamper mini trailer camper

WeeRoll Classic six-foot tall mini-camper trailer

If you have decided a camping trailer is the best option for you, GoneCamper can build a folding bed/couch to fit. We can also build a custom rear kitchen galley to your specifications for groceries, cooler or refrigerator and cook stove. Together, GoneCamper can convert an empty space into a versatile and comfortable camping environment to match your needs!

There are some distinct advantages of camping in a mini-trailer. First, you can use whatever vehicle you already have. Then you can leave the trailer at the campsite and explore in a smaller vehicle. And some trailers are large enough to double as "toy haulers" for ATV's and motorcycles. Whatever your choice, GoneCamper can help you outfit your camper for maximum comfort and utility.

So join us on the road and in beautiful campsites! Contact GoneCamper to order your custom bed and kitchen unit. We can also customize additional storage shelving to order.

Camping Comfortably, Traveling Efficiently, Living Frugally

GoneCamper mini trailer camper

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