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Retractable Bed and Chair for Single GoneCamper

Is there a single bed available for solo van campers? Yes, GoneCamper can build anything to order!

The standard GoneCamper conversion converts the 4-foot by 8-foot cargo area of a minivan into a comfortable full-size bed, plus provides a full kitchen galley under the lift gate. The standard bed is 48-inches wide by 6-foot 2-inches long.

GoneCamper minivan camper bed

GoneCamper full-size bed for minivans

But what if you are a solo camper? What if you would rather have a single bed and gain more storage space?

GoneCamper builds each conversion to order - and this means that supplying a single bed is just a phone call away!

GoneCamper minivan camper bed

GoneCamper single bed extended

A single bed has a few advantages if you are traveling alone:

1. The single bed is 28-inches wide. This of course means that you have an open area 20-inches wide by 96-inches long for storage, shelves, totes, a dog bed, etc. Maybe you want room for a small table or desk? Maybe you need more room for sporting equipment? Maybe you are traveling for business and need more room for samples or equipment? In any case, you free up about 13 square feet of floor space with a single bed.

GoneCamper minivan camper bed

GoneCamper single bed with front legs attached

2. The other advantage of the single bed is that the 28-inch width does not interfere with the driver seat. You can leave the driver seat all the way back even with the bed extended. You don't need to move the driver seat forward to make the bed. You don't need to retract the bed to drive. This means you can leave the bed in place indefinitely. (Of course, it only takes about 3 minutes to retract the bed.)

The GoneCamper single bed still has the same advantages of the full-size bed - just in a narrower version. You still have a bed that collapses to fit behind the second row of seats. This means that you can carry passengers in the second row seats without removing the GoneCamper from your minivan.

GoneCamper minivan camper bed

GoneCamper single bed stored for travel

The GoneCamper single bed still converts to a couch - or actually a big chair, in this case. The bed frame is quickly removed. The front bed platform is placed behind the mattress, which then forms the chair back and cushion. With the couch/chair in place, you have about four-feet of space behind the front seats for eating or working.

We have also built GoneCamper single beds for travelers who didn't need the rear kitchen. In that case you don't have the kitchen unit to lean back against - BUT with the open area alongside, you can position the mattress against the side wall and sit sideways in the van for work or reading or eating.

GoneCamper minivan camper bed

GoneCamper single bed converted into a roomy chair for relaxing, work, or dining.

Here is a video that shows how to extend the single bed, store the bed, and convert it into a chair. No other system provides such a versatile traveling package, camping conversion, and working configuration.

Why not join us on the road? You can be traveling and camping in YOUR own GoneCamper in just a few weeks!

Traveling Efficiently, Camping Comfortably, Living Frugally

GoneCamper minivan camper bed

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