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FREE Van Camper!

Who wouldn't want to have the freedom to go camping - and own a versatile camper that was free?

Over the past year we have crisscrossed the country several times. We have camped along the ocean, in national forests camp sites, private campgrounds and boondocked in the middle of nowhere. We have seen great panoramas from the Mexican border, across the Midwest to Alaska and back. We have toured National Parks, monuments, museums, nature preserves, and even taken in Spring Season baseball.

We don't stay in motels. We have spent dozens of nights in our minivan camper - which paid for itself in less than TWO WEEKS!

In fact, the more we travel now, the faster we actually receive a huge return on our investment.

GoneCamper van camper

Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona, AZ

How do you travel? Do you spend $75.00, $100.00, $150 or more to sleep in shady motels and eat the "complimentary" free waffle? If you are like us, you travel to reach a destination. You drive until after supper, and then you need a place to sleep. Today, $75.00 or $100.00 doesn't even guarantee you a clean bed or a quiet room.

But what if you carried your own clean bed, clean sheets, and pillows with you? What if you could pull over and camp for FREE anywhere? Or what if you could pay only $10.00 or $20.00 for a spot to camp instead of $100.00 or more for a few hours of marginal comfort?

We carry our own full-size bed in the van that is equipped with a GoneCamper conversion. At the end of the travel day, the minivan converts to a camper in a few minutes. In a few minutes we are packed in the morning for another day of sightseeing.

GoneCamper van camper

Camping at a county park in the Sonoran Desert

You can do the math: how long does it take to COMPLETELY PAY FOR a camper conversion that costs $1,595.00 at an average cost of $100.00 for a motel room? After 16 nights, your camper is FREE - forever!

Of course, you need a minivan. But most families have at least two vehicles. We have found that a minivan is the perfect second vehicle, even when we are NOT camping. Minivans are spacious, ride extremely well on a wheelbase longer than even luxury cars, are very economical and have proven dependability. Minivans are so popular that they are also some of the best bargains out there - whether you are buying new or used. Minivans are great as daily drivers for commuting, or for long road trips.

But what if you need more hauling capacity, more towing capacity, or more rough road capability? Then consider a standard van. these vehicles are built on truck frames, and have larger engines, brakes, and heavier drive trains (in most cases). GoneCamper can build a full-size bed insert that will convert any standard van into a camper in less than five minutes for only $995.00. And you can convert the van back to a work vehicle or passenger van just as fast.

GoneCamper van camper

GoneCamper full-size bed in a cargo van

The GoneCamper van conversion is also a better value than renting an RV for your vacation, at least for a traveling couple. Most rental RV's cost around $200.00 per day, not including fuel. (You will likely get less than 10 miles per gallon in a motor home!) At that rate, you will pay for your GoneCamper conversion TWICE as fast as staying in motels!

But a GoneCamper also allows you to explore and camp where there are NO motels - like some of the most scenic wilderness areas.

GoneCamper van camper

GoneCamper along the Kennecott River, McCarthy, Alaska

GoneCamper van camper

GoneCamper boondocking at the King of the Hammers off road races in the Mojave Desert of California

On the other hand, you can often camp for inexpensively just outside of very popular destinations where motel reservations are hard to book and may cost you over $300.00 per night. Some popular attractions require reservations over a year in advance - even for overused park campsites!

GoneCamper van camper

GoneCamper in a private campground, outside of Yosemite National Park

We find that a van is a great vehicle for all-around driving. It is easy to drive, easy to park, and easy to maintain. If a minivan - or standard van - is a viable possibility for your traveling and camping goals, you can own a GoneCamper camper conversion that will pay for itself the first month that you have it.

Why not join us on the road - and exploring some of the best scenery in the U.S. and Canada? Contact us today to schedule the delivery of your own GoneCamper!

Traveling Efficiently, Camping Comfortably, Living Frugally

GoneCamper van camper

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