• Randy Reek

GoneCamper Goes To Alaska!

How to travel efficiently, economically, and comfortably on a 10,000 mile road trip!

We have been planning a road trip to Alaska for many years. Last year I (Randy) made a FAST trip to Alaska by motorcycle. I loved it so much that I knew we had to return by vehicle this summer.

The GoneCamper minivan conversion it designed to convert a minivan with a four-foot by eight-foot cargo area into a super-efficient RV with a comfortable full-size bed and a traveling kitchen.

We will have more posts that cover the packing list, our itinerary, and LOTS of trip photos. But this short video shows how everything we need for indefinite travel fits in a standard minivan!

Why not join us on the road? You can also explore and enjoy seeing incredible destinations. Check out our other videos on the GoneCamper YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook to learn more about our trip to Alaska!

Traveling Efficiently, Camping Comfortably, Living Frugally!

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