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Why Camp In A Minivan? - Part Two

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

A minivan is the most economical choice for traveling AND camping!

When we started evaluating the best options for camping AND travel, we soon settled on the Dodge Grand Caravan. (Read Part One of this series HERE for more background why we chose a minivan for our adventures - and daily driving.) With every vehicle, and especially with campers or RV's, there are compromises. NO vehicle is perfect in all situations, and our list of requirements will be different than yours.

At the top of the list was economy! The GoneCamper conversion for the Dodge Caravan is economical to purchase. Our GoneCamper and Dodge Caravan – fully equipped – costs less than many camping trailers or truck campers, NOT including the necessary tow vehicle.

Minivans are one of the top-selling categories of vehicles. There are many brands to choose from. You have a choice of very plain to very luxurious. There are even hybrid and all-wheel drive models. We chose the Dodge Grand Caravan because it has been around the longest, has a great reputation for durability, and there are dealers everywhere! (The same engine and transmission are also used in the larger Dodge Ram commercial vans!) The clincher was the exclusive Dodge Stow-N-Go seats. Since we go back and forth from passenger van to camper, this is a great time saver!

The GoneCamper conversion in the Dodge Caravan is economical to drive and maintain. We take the Caravan on day trips in addition to camping trips. In fact, we usually drive the Caravan for short trips and long trips because it is more comfortable and economical than our other vehicle, a 4X4 pickup. There is no need to remove the camping package that rides behind the second row of seats. While the Caravan is not an economy car, it still averages over 25 miles per gallon, and up to 30 MPG on highway trips. Using a mini-motor home or truck camper as a daily driver or to carry passengers would be crazy.

Our GoneCamper is also perfect for extended travel. It is more comfortable to drive with a longer wheelbase than most cars and SUV’s. And we eliminate the cost of motels! The LOW cost of the GoneCamper conversion can literally pay for itself the FIRST vacation! Like us, you probably hate to pay over $100 per night for a tired room in a dated roadside motel. And a decent room in a busy location can cost lots more! Our GoneCamper can bring this cost to ZERO. Even if we stay in established campsites, the cost is seldom more than $20 per night.

Finally, the GoneCamper conversion for minivans is built to last. The design and construction are first rate. There is nothing to wear out. It will last for years and years. In fact, if you ever want to stop traveling and camping, you will have a package that you can sell for nearly what it cost new!

Choosing to own, license, maintain, store and insure a camper is a big decision. The wrong decision is going to cost you lots of money. Why not invest in a camper that you can use EVERY day? The GoneCamper conversion turns a standard minivan into a camper, and you don't lose the comfort, versatility, or economy of the minivan!

"Camping in Comfort, Traveling Efficiently, Living Frugally"

GoneCamper minivan camper

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